During international freight, Whatever you use courier express, air freight, sea freight or raiway transport to ship to your cargo from a country A to a country B. you must provide a detailed packing list to the forwarder to do customs declaration both side. Packing + list show your goods details. for example, you ship 6 cartons goods, first carton packed 6 pcs pillow, second carton packed 20 pcs quilt suit. thrid carton packed 50 pcs towel, another 3 cartons packed 150 pcs washing kits. the detailed packing must showing below info 

Packing List
Shipping mark DJ-XXX-SG
Consignee name Alicia
Phone number 986821**
Delivery address 71 woodland industrial park E9 01-19
Goods name Packages Quantities Unit price Total price
Pillow 1 Carton 10 PCS 50 RMB 500 RMB
Quilt suit 1 Carton 20 PCS 80 RMB 1600 RMB
Towel 1 Carton 50 PCS 10 RMB 500 RMB
Washing kits 3 PCS 150 个 5 RMB 750 RMB

Cargo shipping mark, consignee name, phone number, and delivery address are required to fill down inside packing list

“Packing list” function and importance

packing list

When you travel to abroad by airplane, you have to declare luggage details you carry. some goods you can not take to abroad and some can. every country has a strictly regulation for import some specific goods. import goods to a country do must submit goods packing list to its customs to have it approved, then bring the goods in. some import duty and tax should be counted by packing list