LCL dedicated sea freight from China to Singapore, DJcargo’s schedule is that the arrangement of loading and shipping every day except Sunday. the frequency of shipping is quite fast, cargo into warehouse no need long time storage to wait others’ cargo filling a container load, warehouse working since Monday to Saturday, receiving cargo, double check received items and make every shipment right ready to ship, we have plenty supply of LCL cargo to Singapore. We always studying shipping schedule from liner (carrier) before order SO(shipping order) to match up our loading arrangement. Our expertise is to avoid uncertain shipping schedule from many carrier listed.   
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Next-week-Monday
(①Cargo) arrival in warehouse Shipping out Day off
(②Cargo)arrival in warehouse Shipping out
(③Cargo)arrival in warehouse Shipping out
(④Cargo)arrival in warehouse Shipping out
(⑤Cargo)arrival in warehouse Shipping out
(⑥Cargo)arrival in warehouse Shipping out
Normally cargo arrived into our warehouse, single customer's cargo all arrival, we double confirm with customer and make cargo prepared for shipping next day 

China to Singapore shipping time
China to Singapore shipping time

According to statistic of our annual review, DJcargo’s China to Singapore dedicated sea shipping time, the most safety shipping time is about 12 – 15 days, it has more than 40% rate in this stage, so we normally advice our customers using this time table to plan their cargo for logistics is most guaranteed. In urgent needed cargo using air freight is an option, ordinary needs, using LCL sea freight to door service is most cost effective. every mode of shipping may occur delay in process, sometime happening by carrier VESSEL , sometime happening by customs, weather, or force majeure… shipping time is only for reference, so can’t plan shipment in accordance with experience. Making a certain needs for shipping span should confirm every step is concreted.

Cargo all arrived Loading into container Export customs declaration Sea sailing Arrival notice and import customs declaration PSA pick up container Devanning container Delivery Total lead time
Singapore side always do customs declaration as long as received arrival notice from carrier,  we often done customs works before vessel berth at port Singapore
Preparing cargo for loading 1 day 1 day 5 days 2 days 9 days
You would wonder! the shipping time above says total about 9 days, ideally 9 days can be finished delivery since the day started shipping. in a year end review, that the 9 days fulfilled delivery accounted rate 20%, 8 days finish delivery accounted rate 5%, 10 -12 days finish delivery accounted rate 40%, 12 - 15 days accounted rate 30%, more than 15 days accounted rate 5%, we couldn't use lowest price and false timing to trap a business, making every deal more brighter is our slogan and core value