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China to Singapore air freight service

Air freight for CIF / Air freight DDU

Door to door delivery one package service

Singapore air freight


China to Singapore air freight price

①;From all China airport to Singapore Changi airport cargo transport

②;Shanghai air freight to Singapore, elapsed time can be one day arrival

③;Guangzhou air freight to Singapore, elapsed time can be one day arrival

④;Shenzhen air freight to Singapore, elapsed time can be one day arrival

⑤;Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xian, Shantou, Xiamen to Singapore airport

⑥;Handle export airport work, customs declaration, formalities paper work

Singapore airport
Singapore airport

CN – SG door to door air freight

①;China to Singapore door to door air freight (2 -3 days arrival)

②;Shanghai / Shenzhen / Guangzhou air freight to Singapore door to door

③;Inclusive service export work, freight, customs declaration and delivery

④;Export tax refund declaration, Inspection, fumigation, and certificate

⑤;Singapore destination airport declaration, GST permit issue

⑥;Air freight frequency from Monday to Friday,  and Sunday

Courier Express to Singapore

①:Courier express sending from DJcargo warehouse to consignee door in Singapore

②:Courier express send to Singapore can be operated by tax refund in China

③:Envelope, Parcels, small cartons, personal effects, online purchasing goods express to Singapore

④:Inventory service for online shop platform, Shoppee, Amazon, FBA, Lazada

⑤; International courier express contracted chain for DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS, SF-Express

⑥:Dedicated courier express via air freight fly to Singapore, have it customs declared and delivered

DJcargo Singapore delivery

China to Singapore air freight port to port price

China - Singapore Air freight port to port price
Cargo type Package 100 kg + Local warehouse charge Export customs declaration charge Bill of lading
Common cargo multiple packages 15 rmb / kg 100 rmb 300 rmb / shipment 50 rmb / shipment
Sensitive cargo multiple packages 18 rmb / kg 100 rmb 300 rmb / shipment 50 rmb / shipment

China to Singapore air freight door to door price

China to Singapore air freight door to door price
Cargo type Package 100 kg +
Common cargo multiple packages 18 rmb / kg
Sensitive cargo multiple packages 24 rmb / kg

China to Singapore courier express price

China to Singapore courier express price
Cargo type Package 1 - 10 kg 11kg + 51kg + 100 kg +
Common cargo multiple packages 30 rmb / kg 20 rmb / kg 19 rmb / kg 18 rmb / kg
Sensitive cargo multiple packages 40 rmb / kg 26 rmb / kg 25 rmb / kg 24 rmb / kg

How to choose air freight / door to door service / courier express

The difference between air freight and courier express is the operational method, air freight normally operated by port to port, while courier express is operated by door to door. Air freight also can be operated by door to door, to Singapore air freight normally generally operated by door to door, not to port only. but there is a price difference for each freight method. obviously air freight to port is cheaper than to door delivery. you can choose different freight method in accordance with your advantage, cargo volume, weight, cubic meter, time effect are the factors to make decision to use relevant freight mode.

Cargo volume Mode of freight
a pallet air freight to Singapore  If you have cargo ready to send by air freight, its volume is  several pallets, more than 100 kg, or ton... and you want the  faster way to have the cargo in Singapore airport, and you can  handle Singapore airport local customs declaration and pick  up cargo from the port to your own address, choose this way,  and its cheaper way
cartons air freight to Singapore  If you have several packages, cartons, more than 100 kg,  lesser than ton,  use door to door air freight service is good  choice. cargo weight lesser than 100 kg is not good choice for  sending to port air freight, as many airline booking shipment  at least 100 kg
several packages air freight to Singapore  if you have cargo one or more than one package, parcel,  envelop package, or you purchase some goods from online  platform, and the cargo weight is not too much, use courier  express to send it is goods choice. djcargo can handle cargo  from its warehouse to your door in Singapore

China to Singapore air freight operational requirement

Dimension requirement

①;Singapore package's weight exceed 68 kg, and its dimension exceed 150 cm x 80 cm x 80 cm, should charge 150 rmb for additional operation cost

②;Wooden case must have feet, heigh 9 cm length, the cover must has hinge convenient to inspection at airport, plywood is allowed, crude wood is disallowed to use, air ship case is good.

③;Freight cost charge volumetric weight and actual weight whichever bigger, learn how to calculate volumetric weight, or use link calculator your cargo weight

④;The goods overlength and overweight can not be send to upper floor, sign at ground floor

⑤;The address classified no delivery service are the Jurong Island, Jurong Port, military, airport inside, campus area, hospital, jail, Off-shore Islands,Tuas Link

Export & Import requirement

①;Goods packing list and performa invoice is required declaring correct to avoid any unnecessary inspection or fine by customs

②;Export tax refund authorized online, charge cost 350 rmb per shipment

③;Cargo import to Singapore related permit, consignee must provide necessary document to do declaration

④;Cargo import to Singapore separate customs declaration,  UEN GST permit declaration charge 50 SGD per shipment

Other service

①;Change address before cargo delivery charge 30 rmb per shipment. not (100% guarantee)

②;Insurance charge 3% of total goods value,  minimum charge 30 rmb per shipment. maximum 20000 rmb

③;Fragile goods must do make good packaging, nake cargo now allowed to ship

④;Force majeure


①;Refuse to send any illegal and forbidden cargo


What is called common cargo

Common cargo Common cargo classified
textile shirt, clothes, t-shirt, pants, trousers
shoe & bag  shoes, bags, decoration accessaries
electric parts plugs, cable, charges, screen-protector
mobile phone accessaries phone cover, screen, phone accessaries
home products wall-decoration, carpet, umbrella, gift, toys
toy none-electricity toy, soft toy, plastic toy..
printing work books, brochures, magazine, flyer
outdoor products bike, fishing products, bottle, sport products

Common cargo is regarded that those goods are not required export and import license to ship from one country to others. and packaging and goods itself no special requirement for carrier or vehicle

What is called sensitive cargo

Sensitve cargo Sensitive cargo classified
brand goods nike shoe, gucci bag, chanel cloths...
beauty products perfume, mask, cosmetic, skin products
Dietary supplement Health care products, diet drugs, breast enlargement liquid,
batteris goods Any electronics with batteries
magnate cargo Headphones, stereos, speakers, magnets
food and food materials Tea, milk powder, biscuits, chocolate, fast food
liquid products Beverages, alcoholic beverages, lubricating oils
adult products adult products like

Sensitive refers to the goods that require special import and export permits, the exporting country may need to apply for export documents, the importing country may also need to apply for an import permit, import and export customs declaration is not simple, air aircraft have special requirements for goods, products with batteries, liquid products, etc

What are the illegal and forbidden cargos

Forbidden cargo Forbidden cargo 
illegal disk and printing Terrorism, racial hatred, politics, religion, pornography terrorism, racial hatred, politics, religion, pornography
weapons Electric batons, electric batons, darts, crossbows, imitation guns, swords and other offensive weapons
plants seeds
Animal and plant specimens, endangered animals and plants, seed animal and plant specimens, endangered animals and plants, seeds
currency bank-note, checks, securities, banks, U-shields, ID cards, etc
flammable goods Lighters, matches, ignition guns with gas, with gas canisters, etc
high pressure gas product High pressure gas, compressor body bottle, spray, salute, fireworks
chilling meat products Ingredients that need to be refrigerated or fresh
alcohol & tobacco Cigarettes and alcohol without import and export permits
drugs any drugs


Cargo transiting through many steps, customs, airport station, and destination handling, it may cause lost, or damage, or broken...something. to ensure customer's right, base on international transportation compensation policy, djcargo's regulation as below

①; The package is lost after delivery or after the driver picks it up, our company compensates according to the international transportation standard, according to the shopping voucher, the declared value of the goods, the freight is 5 times, whichever is lower, the maximum is not more than 100 US dollars / ticket, and the freight is not refundable (Note: feedback needs to be given within 48 hours after signing).

②; The following information is required for the compensation process

a. Abnormal pictures of package packaging (need to be able to see the traces of secondary packaging)

b. Package weighing picture

c. Letter of Claim

d. Purchase voucher

e, declare the value of the above documents are indispensable, whether the weight is missing is an important reference to judge whether the package is lost, please be sure to check the outer packaging of the goods when signing, if the package is abnormal, please timely feedback to the dispatcher (can be rejected) or the carrier, and provide abnormal package packaging pictures, weighing pictures and other evidence, for after-sales procedures.

③; The following cases are not compensated and are summarized only a. The goods are wet or soaked due to weather and other problems b. Food items are bitten by pests or expired c, The damage caused by the transportation process will not be compensated, and the loss will not be insured, please pack it in good condition d. Customs seizure due to concealment/misrepresentation/omission/transportation of prohibited goods and other goods e, The recipient will not respond until 48 hours after the package is received

④; Air/sea prohibited goods will face administrative fines of more than 5,000 yuan and confiscation of goods

⑤; Customers are advised to purchase insurance for valuables (loss insurance: loss insurance but not damage)

⑥; insurance services; The insurance premium is 3% of the insured amount, the minimum is 50 RMB / ticket, the insured amount of a single ticket does not exceed 20,000 RMB, high-value products are consulted separately (electronic products require 5%, loss compensation does not exceed 80% of the value of goods, such as mobile phones, tablets, etc.), the insured goods need to be packed in wooden frames or wooden boxes, otherwise they cannot be insured. 软件翻译将就着看