You may buy varieties goods from different place in China, taobao, alibaba, jd, wholesale center, factories or somewhere else, and wanted to send it to Singapore by most cost effective way and use the freight as fast as possible. DJcargo always design best shipping method to meet customers' need in accordance with their cargo volume. Each client should have entirely consultation as well as make every precedure clear before conduct a shipment, and we also make every deal with customer brightly

①. Shipping Mark;it's always chief important thing that we have to emphasize every customer to pay attention, it is the only way we recognize the goods into our warehouse belongs to relevant client send to right destination. Our Chinese address below
代收电话:+86 15800246878
Customer must send our warehouse address info in Chinese to their vendor(supplier). English address mostly can not be recognized by China shippers and couriers
China domestics logistics supervision bureau requires that the each transportation concern with shipper and receiver must put real name and do have to had ID scanned submit to mornitoring system. its for illegal cargo mornitoring purpose, if you send legal cargo, don't be worry, we also not allowed to carry any illegal cargo. So the act receiver DJcargo is a real Chinese name of our warehouse guy. below is the picture for how to set taobao address

②. As long as customers forwarded our address to their vendors and let them send cargo to our warehouse, while goods gradually comes to our warehouse, our warehouse worker would have each carton inspected and record into our inventory system, customers also can use the shipping mark and courier number to check how many goods we have received, and cargo shipping tracking status

③. Packaging and repacking; each cargo deliver to our warehouse should have outside packaging inspected by our warehouse workers, if packaging broken or inside goods damaged sounds abnormal, we should open and take a picture to info customers, if only packaging broken we would use yellow packing tape or add additional materials to repack it, if inside goods damaged we would not to receive cargo until customer confirmed. normally we won't charge repacking cost to customers, sometime we do free works to repack small parcels by using weave bags or new cartons. we still offer wooden crate and wooden case to repack fragile cargo.
We also willing to do extra works free for customer to save its cargo freight cost by repacking small parcels, dismantle extra packaging and repacking to single one or two...

④. Once all cargo we received, we would make a list and double confirm with customers, then conduct a shipment into shipping process as long as everything is ok. do all necessary works such as packing list, performa invoice for export and import purpose. order a container for cargo loading purpose...etc

⑤. Singapore customs declaration; container approach to Singapore and we would receive an arrival notice from carrier, Singapore team should soon be preparing customs declaration works, every container from China to Singapore must finish customs declaration in advance and also take out container from Singapore POD with in one day. Singapore customs just offer 2 days free detention at POD, and 3 days free outside POD detention return container. some unusal circumstance can apply more days detention. but we have no intention to procrastinate our LCL container at POD. LCL cargo we always deliver to Singapore consignee as quickly as we could

⑥. For FCL container shipping, we normally deliver container to consignee address in Singapore when POD ready, do have to make preengagement with consignee before send container to right address. for LCL cargo that our Singapore Woodland warehouse must devanning container and distinguish cargo to right consignee before delivery, also has to make preengagment with each consignee before carry out delivery.
Our Singapore customers are various, individuals, merchants,trading companies, factories, grocery-holers, office white collars, constuction blue collars, factory workers, housewives,students, communities...etc. too many kinds, but we are also kind to them. how we deliver cargo in line with our own schedule, while all the customers available to receive their cargo at same time? no, its impossible, and always conflict on delivery matter. Our improvement is every time we make preengagment with consignee before disptach cargo, resolved too many delivery trouble

⑦. We have multiple payment method for choice, clients can pay to our China bank account, WeChat pay, Alipay, Singapore bank account, Paynow, and Singapore remmittance