Furniture shipping to Singapore

Customers in Singapore buy furnitures from China to replace their aged one, or for their new home ornament. ship these cargo to Singapore we have no restriction for any type of household cargo, goods with different angle like sofa, chairs. overlength window curtain shafts, oversize bed and mattress,dinning table, fragile goods like dressing mirror. overweight stonework for floor and wall decoration

dinning table
oversize cargo Dinning table with Chair can ship but must well packed with wooden crate or case

different angle goods chair

overlength cargo Curtain and its shaft

overweight, oversize and fragile cargo

oversize cargo mattress

different angle and oversize goods sofa

floor tile
overweight and fragile cargo floor tile

oversize goods wardrobe

We can ship any type of cargo to Singapore like above pictures showing. but do have to ask seller, vendor, supplier make proper pacakging before send goods to our warehouse, some fragible cargo do must use shrink wrap and foam cotton to make the internal pacakging, and goods packaging and outside wooden crate or case

What is the procedure like?

You want to buy these goods from the vendors in China, whatever you buy from the taobao, alibaba, or other wholesalers in a factory. you should ask them to send the goods to our LCL warehouse address, because our quotation is from our warehouse in Guangzhou to consignee door in Singapore. so first confirm with vendor for delivering goods to our warehouse. let them know our warehouse address to check whether they can and how is the cost.
our warehouse address in Chinese:
Normally you buy goods from taobao, the seller would send the goods to our warehouse with delivery cost free, buy some big items, the seller would add delivery cost in its goods value.
we could not offer pick up, because sellers in China can be anywhere, cargo size and weight smaller or bigger are the cost factor. ask vendor send goods to our warehouse is wise option, we can arrange pick up service in Guangdong province, but the cost will charge to customers accordingly

What is the procedure like?

Goods reach to our warehouse we will measure its dimension and weight, record it into our inventory system, customers can see how many goods we have received.

Customers know what goods your purchased, so packing list we requires before ship the goods out, because we do must make proper export and import file to declare customs, and delivery order papers

as long as we send out the goods, our finanical will issue invoice to customers to collect freight payment. we have many payment method, can pay to our China bank account, wechat pay, alipay, or pay to our Singapore bank account OCBC, and Paynow or cheque.

for customers who first time use our service we should collect freight before make delivery, for regular customers we could collect freight after delivery