If you are a regular buyer in Singapore buying goods from China, and know how to use different shipping methods in according with your cargo volume. you just find a forwarder asking him “how much is the cost from China to Singapore”. the cargo forwarder may give you a freight cost roughly, then you two start bargaining and discuss the shipping minutia and all you concern.

but if you are a rookie want a freight quotation by asking a cargo forwarder, “how much is the cost from China to Singapore”, any answers the forwarder replies you would making you confusion, because you got no experience, and don’t know how to send the cargo from China to Singapore, while forwarders don’t know what you really want. even they quote you a cost, you can’t figure out how is the price consist of, and how is the procedure…

the best way you get a quotation from a forwarder, you have to let them know your cargo details, and intentions..

Cargo name
Cubic Meters
Destination country, city
Delivery address

As long as you present above information to a forwarder, you will get very accurate quotation. and the forwarder can advice you how to ship, guide you use what shipping method.