Frequent asked question by many customers that how to ship cargo to Singapore if buy goods from taobao, alibaba, 1688, jd and other online shop platform. it very easy handle by DJcargo, our LCL gathering shipping is most professional, fast and reliable. many customer has stunning experience by using our service. here I explain you step by step. 

taobao, alibaba 1688

1. First, we send you our warehouse address with unique shipping mark (every client has an unique shipping mark, its key important to us to distinguish goods belong right customers, to prevent goods send to wrong destination and wrong consignee)
地址设置;中国大陆:广东省 广州市 白云区 嘉禾望岗
above is our warehouse address and XXX is a Demo shipping mark( shipping mark for each client must different and unique), customer should put this address into their taobao, alibaba, 1688, jd address session set as default. 

2. Customer can purchase goods from online shop and send to our warehouse. 

3. DJcargo warehouse receive goods and record in our inventory (customers no need register an account, if frequent ship cargo can do and self manage shipment) 

4. Customers send me packing list and Singapore delivery address info 

5. All goods arrival, gathering all and repack, and ship to Singapore 

6. We send invoice to customer to collect freight cost How to pay freight 

7. Goods reach to Singapore, we handle customs works and deliver to consignee